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How To Deposit On Lotto9ja

Part of our major goal is making sure that you enjoy a stress free process on our website and payment process is not left out. In this post, the step by step deposit process has been listed with explanatory images.


Steps To Easy Deposit On Lotto9ja

  1. Go to your browser and search . Login to you lotto9ja account.
  1. Click on the payment icon at the top right.


  1. Click on add funds then that takes you to the next step.
  1. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit e.g 1,000

5. Click on the VISA option.


6. You either put in your card details OR click on CHANGE to choose a different payment                  option.

7. Lastly, here are the various payment options that work for whatever payment method                  you use.


We hope this post was helpful and answered all your deposit related questions. If you have any further questions visit and chat with the customer support on the live chat.