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How To Play Lotto9ja Games

Lotto9ja is a website where you can make money online by playing numbered tickets and get cash rewards to the holders of numbers drawn at random. There are various games available on the platform and here is how to go about playing them;

How to play lotto9ja
  • Select a game from the pool of games. Click on the arrows to see more game options to choose from.
Lotto9ja games
  • Click on your game of choice.
  • Decide how you wish to play. Manual or by computer.
  • You either allow the computer select random numbers for you.
  • OR manually select your own preferred numbers.
  • Then you can click on the ­+ sign to add multiple number combinations.
  • If you wish to add or not. Confirm your bets.
  • Then wait for the balls to roll out.


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