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LOTTO9JA IS LIVE! is a brand for naija by naija. Lotto9ja is a website where you can raise money by playing numbered tickets and get cash rewards to the holders of numbers drawn at random. There are various games available on the platform. These games include;

9JA MEGA; This is a big time is a shared dream, people are constantly searching for Mega opportunities that will bring Mega transformation to their lives. 9ja Mega is just what they need to play!

CARRY GO; Many hands will continually compete for the bag of money but only one hand can grab it at a time. Hope, determination, resilience, greed and sportsmanship will compel people to compete for the bag of money. And even if your hand doesn’t reach this time you will keep trying because the prize will be worth the fight; the winner takes it all.

SUPER STAR; There is a star for everyone and everyone knows that for sure. Many people are chasing stars and we can assure that there is a Sure-star for everyone who will dare to get involved. The stage is set for multiple star chasers to compete for their Superstar.

JUROYE; Juroye is an Instant Lottery game and will start as soon as you play. All you have to do is match just 5/15 to win ₦20,000. Opportunity, goes everywhere, waiting for whoever is prepared and positioned to grab it and become Lucky. Why wait for the daily Lotto when you can play and win instantly!

KEKE; Keke is the surest way to get to your destination. Keke is a legit side hustle that will move players from a place of lack to a place of plenty. So, if you miss one Keke, you can always get the next one because Keke is synonymous to possibility and abundance.

PADIPADI; Padipadi is friendly rivalry between two friends who are confident of the fact that one of them must win. So, the urge and motivation to play is guaranteed like the friendship of a Padi. Win or lose, no hard feelings; the Game must go on because ‘na padipadi’

OLOYE; VIP 1in 2 wins! Who does the crown fit? If it’s a choice between two royals, it becomes a rational thing. “na turn by turn”

OSHO; The Daily Freeroll is a LottoRace multi-draw game, exclusive to Lotto 9ja players, which runs every Day @ 20:00. Every Naira of the prize pool is guaranteed to pay out.

WURA; Winner takes all. The feeling you have when you possess Gold! The spotlight is on you; you can’t share it with anyone. It is your moment. It is your time. It is your Gold! Wura; sometimes it makes sense to have it all to yourself

MAZI; Respect! Honorable leaders amongst equals “People of timber and caliber” , Bold and confident, they deal without fear- this is their territory. ‘Mazi’ Lotto9ja extends your worth to those who are bold to play and win bigger.

Today can be the beginning of a fulfilled dream if you take the chance.

Which of these games do you wish to play first?

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